Spring Greens Day

 ICCSD Served Local Lettuce for Lunch to All 25 Schools

June 1, 2011

On June 1, 2011, our school district served 275 pounds of locally grown lettuce for lunch to all 25 schools in the district …for the first time.  ICCSD Farm to School worked with our district’s Food Services director, Diane Duncan-Goldsmith, and local growers for several months to coordinate this event.

The kids loved the lettuce – some took 3 and 4 servings! Volunteers spent lunch with students at nearly all the elementary schools. We heard lots of kids say “This lettuce is good!” with big smiles! It was exciting to see kids enjoying lettuce so much.

Volunteers and school staff helped served lettuce to the students, and they made an announcement about Spring Greens Day in the lunch room and talked to students at their tables. All students were welcome to try the lettuce, whether they had purchased school lunch or brought their lunch.  Volunteers posted flyers about Spring Greens Day in the lunch rooms where the lettuce was served and set up brochures on every lunch table in the district. The brochures introduced students to the farmers who grew the lettuce and provided some fun facts about lettuce.

The lettuce was grown by local farmers Andy and Melissa Dunham of Grinnell Heritage Farm and Derek Roller of Echollective Farm. The lettuce was processed by several volunteers at Organic Greens LLC, a local grower and licensed food processing facility.