Farmer Fairs

Farmer Fair at Horn Elementary
Since 2010 hundreds of ICCSD students have met farmers; tasted fresh, locally-grown food; and learned about healthy eating during our Farm to School – Farmer Fair. A Farmer Fair is an “in-school field trip” that brings farmers and food and nutrition educators into elementary schools to teach kids about where food comes from and about making healthy food choices. Usually all the students at a school participate with the Farmer Fair. It’s a two-hour afternoon event. Students rotate through 6-7 hands-on activities including:

  • Sampling in-season, local produce purchased from growers in our community
  • Meeting produce, dairy, and livestock farmers to learn about how they produce food
  • Learning about nutrition through fun, fitness-based games
  • Planting and harvesting food in school gardens
  • Building a compost system and exploring soil science
  • Comparing the voyage of apples transported from New Zealand vs. apples grown at Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City to learn about the impact of food miles

We have held 12 Farmer Fairs at 10 different elementary schools. We are interested in finding more schools to partner with us and to host a Farmer Fair. Contact us if you would like to request a Farmer Fair at your school!

Learn about Farmer Fairs at these schools: