Food Business Partner Agreement

Field to Family Food Business Partner Agreement

____(Local Food Business)_________ AGREES TO:

  • Realize the ethical standards in the day-to-day operation of my business and in my relationship with Field to Family.
  • Increase the purchasing of locally grown food, giving preferences whenever reasonable with regard to availability and price.
  • Feature locally grown foods on a regular basis with appropriate specials whenever possible.
  • Provide a list of at least three farms that you purchase from (either directly or through distributors). If you are not currently purchasing from local producers let us help you find producers that match your need. Identified producers required within first year of membership.
    A. ___________________________________
    B. ___________________________________
    C. ___________________________________
  • Permit the use of my business name in Field to Family’s BFBL campaign-related efforts.
  • Provide a listing in Field to Family’s Buy Fresh Buy Local Directory.
  • For evaluative purposes only and voluntarily, provide verifiable indicators of buying local farm products such as, confidential sales and financial information. Field to Family’s Purchaser Survey
  • Comply with the following conditions for use of Buy Fresh Buy Local logo:
    A. Use the logo and slogan to promote products grown in the state of Iowa and Iowa Valley.
    B. Use the BFBL logo in its entirety without alteration, in the form and manner provided.
    C. Partners shall not use the Field to Family logo and other BFBL promotional material in any manner that encourages consumers to associate the BFBL campaign with products that are not grown locally in Iowa and Iowa Valley.
  • Partners may choose to leave the campaign at any time and agree to discontinue use of the BFBL logo.

Field to Family AGREES TO:

  • Provide your food business with coordinated and visible promotional support (stickers, signs, stencil, poster, logo file) through the BFBL Campaign.
  • List your food business on
  • Promote your business in our online directory and in the printed Buy Fresh Buy Local directory (as deadlines allow).
  • Serve as organizer of media and consumer events focusing on the positive contributions BFBL producers are making in the Iowa Valley region.
  • Help participating businesses find useful technical assistance, in areas such as media relations or working with farmers.
  • Provide results of surveys and marketing trend analysis to you.
  • Promote the long-term goals of profitability, stability, and sustainable stewardship for the farming community and its supporting businesses in the Iowa Valley area.
  • Revoke or deny participation of any participant who inappropriately uses the Field to Family or BFBL logo.

By joining Field to Family and the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign as a food business partner, I have read and understand the ethics, benefits, and obligations of participation. If I choose to display the Buy Fresh Buy Local logo in my place of business and in promotions and advertising, where appropriate, I will do so as stated in this agreement.