Annual Report & Advisory Board Meeting

2018 Advisory Board Members, Donors and Stakeholders:

Thank you for your continued support of Field to Family! We have come a long way since we first established our Advisory Board in 2015. At that point, we came to the realization that we wouldn’t succeed in meeting our mission if we don’t fully utilize our resources, engage stakeholders and join new partnerships. It was imperative to us that we continue to raise the bar, reaching the next level in order to be an effective, sustainable, and successful organization- one that meets its mission at every turn and that makes our board members proud to serve and lead.

Our 2017 update outlines the ongoing work our organization has been committed to the past few years and outlines our plans for success in 2018. We are thankful that you are on-board to support our work and invite you to share your input and guidance as we take our next steps together.

In order to ensure we are providing you the specific information and opportunities you are interested in, please fill out the form (below). Our work plan is ongoing and while we will strive to adapt to meet new demands and opportunities we will need your support and involvement to ensure Field to Family is meeting its mission, fulfilling work that isn’t being done by others and is playing to its strengths. Once you hit submit, head on over to our Support Us page- we can’t do this without financial support. Every amount matters and gets us closer to realizing our goals.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns: Michelle Kenyon,; (319) 325-2701

Presentations from 2018 Local Foods Roundtable



2017 Advisory Board:

Thank you for your support and attendance at our Advisory Board Meeting. Many great ideas were generated in our breakout sessions and we are looking forward to working closer with you to make our plans a reality, continuing to meet our mission and grow the strengths of Field to Family.

In case you missed it, the highlights from 2016 can be viewed here. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2017!

Highlights from Field to Family’s 2016 Annual Report

Dear 2016 Advisory Board:

2015 was a successful year for Field to Family in many ways. We kept to our goals and work plan from last year, took on new opportunities and overall expanded our organization. We are at a point now where we need to find ways to keep our commitments to our programs, reach our goals for 2016, while growing our funding and membership base. Please read through the Highlights to our Annual Report, and/or the individual program updates (edited slightly since the Advisory Board meeting on January 30, 2016) and fill out our contact form to indicate ways you can help support our work. Be gentle on us- this is my first time creating a contact form and it is *nearly* perfect, but not quite!

Highlights from Field to Family’s 2015 Annual Report

Introduction to Advisory Board Meeting
Local Food Finder/ Grown Here, Made Here
Farm to School Update
Festival Update