2015 Annual Report & Advisory Board Meeting

Dear Advisory Board:

2015 was a successful year for Field to Family in many ways. We kept to our goals and work plan from last year, took on new opportunities and overall expanded our organization. We are at a point now where we need to find ways to keep our commitments to our programs, reach our goals for 2016, while growing our funding and membership base. Please read through the Highlights to our Annual Report, and/or the individual program updates (edited slightly since the Advisory Board meeting on January 30, 2016) and fill out our contact form to indicate ways you can help support our work. Be gentle on us- this is my first time creating a contact form and it is *nearly* perfect, but not quite!

Highlights from Field to Family’s 2015 Annual Report

Introduction to Advisory Board Meeting
Local Food Finder/ Grown Here, Made Here
Farm to School Update
Festival Update
Healthy Community Food System Education Update
Looking Ahead & How You Can Help