Here at Field to Family, we are proud to provide a resource connecting local food producers and consumers; Buy Fresh Buy Local.  Our Buy Fresh Buy Local listings feature restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers who are located in our area and offer the freshest, highest-quality food available.

We are excited to share a series of profiles spotlighting a few of the Buy Fresh Buy Local members in an effort to highlight the important work they are doing to further the cause of local foods in Iowa.

Today we share the story of Salt Fork Farms, located in Solon, IA.

After digging into some freshly baked a cinnamon rolls, farmer Eric Menzel and his wife Eve cocked their heads and pointed their ears in the direction of a sound they couldn’t identify, asking “was that a cow, or our son?”, wondering if little Milo had woken from his nap.

The Salt Fork operation blurs the line between business and family, home and farm.  Eric’s deep passion and knowledge of agriculture are manifest in every corner of the property, from the handmade chicken tractors and the meticulously-maintained farm equipment to the rich homemade cheese and breads that fill the kitchen.

The Menzel farm is home to a variety of plants and animals. Eric has developed a unique routine that includes extensive seasonal vegetable production and pasture-raised poultry.  He deftly draws a balance of using the land to support the animals while using the animals to support the land.

These chickens are broilers, so they are being grown for their meat.  Eric’s approach to raising his broilers allows them access to his pasture with the option to move into their mobile chicken tractor for shelter.

Salt Fork Farms also offers pastured eggs, which are nutritious and flavorful.  The layers are given a large area of pasture to roam.


Plenty of space to do their important work.

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Menzel rotates vegetables throughout the season, having just germinated a new crop for fall.

His four acres house green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and raspberries, among others.  He carefully selects both heirloom and hybrid varieties to assure the highest quality product for his customers.

Tomatoes being prepared for market.

Garlic drying.

Salt Fork Farms consistently produces high quality food at a reasonable cost, and we at Field to Family are thrilled to support them.


You can find their offerings at the Saturday Iowa City Farmer’s Market and visit their blog at